Membership Benefits

CUP Members enjoy a variety of membership benefits including:

John H. McDonald Student Journalism Awards (the Johnnies/the JHMs)

CUP has been hosting the JHM student journalism awards since 2003 and honoured many student journalists and publications over the years. Entry is open to all Canadian student publications and members receive a number of free entries each year.

Conferences and regional events

Each year, CUP, in partnership with a member publication, hosts NASH, Canada’s premier student journalism conference. Members receive discounted NASH rates for all their staff and contributors. In addition, CUP also hosts smaller regional conferences, roundtables and meetups providing member papers more chances to connect.

National student journalism projects

CUP serves as a platform for campus media to take on national journalism projects and apply for national grants. Recently examples include the Youth Vote Project covering the 2015 federal election and the BeLaboured Project, which paired student journalist with experienced mentors to report of labour issues in Canada.

Legal support

CUP members have access to CUP’s legal support. CUP covers each member’s first hour of legal costs each year, and provides access to some of the best media lawyers in Canada.

CWA membership

Check out the CWA website for more information about CWA membership and its benefits.

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