You may have heard some exciting things on Twitter after last week’s plenary at NASH79. It’s (mostly) true! Some big changes have come out of this year’s national plenary and we’re excited to share some of what’s ahead for CUP:

Lower membership fees!

Many of the services our members value the most don’t cost much to offer and, without national staff, CUP’s expenses have decreased dramatically. We’re lowering the cap on membership fees from $2500 to $475; our focus for the coming year is to make membership fees as affordable as possible to build the membership base. We’ll focus on what CUP does best — connecting members with each other and the Canadian journalism industry.

On top of that, the NASH discount for members is now guaranteed to cover membership fees if your publication registers two staff members for NASH! The plenary delegates also passed a motion to ensure members will get free JHM entries, worth up to several hundred dollars in entry fees.

We will no longer be hiring full or part-time administrative roles; CUP will function as an operational board except for where special circumstances warrant the need for temporary staff. In these cases, CUP will be able to commission freelance work from members.


The Eyeopener’s successful bid for NASH80 brings NASH back to Toronto in January 2018!

While details like dates, venues and pricing are forthcoming, the Eyeopener is promising accessible pricing, amazing speakers and a fresh take on the city of Toronto.

Regional check-ins

Delegates voted on a new initiative to boost regional engagement. Going forward, CUP’s regional reps will host monthly online meetings for members to meet and share their successes and challenges, exchange ideas and guide CUP.

The aim is to build community among members between NASH and give members regular chances to take advantage of CUP’s network.

New year, new board!

The CUP80 board will transition in at the end of April. We’re excited to welcome a mix of returning board members, as well as new perspectives. There are still some positions open and there will be opportunities to apply to be part of next year’s board in the coming weeks. If you are interested and have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to


President: Cam Raynor

Vice-President: Emily Keenan

Treasurer: Steve Hildebrand

Secretary: Vacant

Communications Officer: Danielle Fuechtmann

HR Officer: Logan Johnston

Continuity Rep: Anthony Burton


ARCUP: Vacant

ORCUP: Erik Preston

Quebec: Vacant

PNCUP: Vacant

Western: Andy Rice