NASH is the biggest and best moment for Canadian University Press.

cupnashWe’re all in the same place for once, looking good (ish) and talking about the stuff we love most (= journalism). There’s a little something for everyone.

For alumni, it’s a scene that makes them wish they could take back whatever they’ve achieved since graduation and be a student journalist again — or at least get an invitation to speak to the up-and-comers and pass on valuable lessons learned.

For pros, it’s a chance to do some navel-gazing and ask that never-tired question: “What is the future of journalism?”

And finally for CUPpies, it’s a hot topic for freelancing. Particularly when we invite a gem like Ezra Levant to speak.

Here’s a spattering of the media coverage of NASH76 — MASH UP. Notably, almost all journalists were CUP alumni or current CUPpies.