Were you unable to attend plenary this year? It was an exciting year with lots of big decisions – here’s what you missed:

    1. There will now be two representatives from each region on the CUP board. To address the workload of regional reps and to increase collaboration, CUP members opted to increase the number of regional representatives to two (2) per region. This will allow reps to divide the workload and collaborate more while fulfilling their role.

    2. The membership struck a committee to review the mission and principles of CUP. It has been a while since this has been reviewed and with the significant changes CUP has been taking, it’s time to ensure that they align with the goals of the cooperative. The committee has been tasked with preparing a report by NASH81.

    3. Members decided on a new fee structure. The new flat, three tiered fee structure will be based on relative budget size compared to other CUP publications. Each tier will be of equal size and based on percentile rankings of budgets. The fee tiers will be:
      Small, current rate of $190
      Medium, $240
      Large, $290

    4. The membership term will run from May 1 – April 30 and membership fees will be due on May 1. This is intended to allow the incoming board to start their terms with the knowledge of budget and membership numbers, allowing them to plan programming and services more effectively in the summer and throughout the year.
    5. Members will have three calendar months to pay their invoice, an increase of two months. This means invoices will be sent out in February for the new, May 1 fee deadline.
    6. The travel pool program has been suspended indefinitely. Quite possibly the end of an era, CUP’s travel pool has been suspended indefinitely in favour of a subsidy system. The new system will allow each paper the opportunity to opt-out of contributing to a subsidy fund. The fund will be rewarded to applicants based on demonstrated financial need after board review.
    7. Regional representatives will plan the first regional conferences to be held no later than October of the current year. The rationale is that autumn regional conferences can emphasize training and education for incoming staff.

    8. If the board sees fit, CUP will incorporate NASH as a separate corporate entity, wholly owned and controlled by CUP. This will provide financial and legal security to CUP and host papers in the case of financial distress caused by NASH.
    9. CUP will keep the same accountants. They have been CUP’s accountants of record for years now.
    10. CUP81 Board Elections
      1. President: Erik Preston, The Strand
      2. Vice president: Emma McPhee, The Brunswickan
      3. Secretary: Corrina Degan, The Xaverian Weekly
      4. Communications: Kurtis Rideout, The Cord
      5. Human Resources: Emily Keenan, The Xaverian Weekly
      6. Treasurer: Logan Johnson, The Baron
      7. Continuity: Cam Raynor, Augustana Medium
      8. Regional Reps
        1. Atlantic
          1. Jessica Raven, The Baron
          2. Jessica Briand, The Dalhousie Gazette
        2. Ontario
          1. Jacob Dube, The Eyeopener
          2. Molly Kay, The Strand

    11. NASH81 Bid
      WE’RE HEADED TO CALGARY! After several years of NASH being held in central and atlantic regions, we’re headed west. We’re excited for a fantastic conference in the prairies!